I haven't been breeding for a very long time, but have been involved with Aussies for the past
twelve years.  I fell in love with Aussies about 13 years ago.  About a year later I acquired my
first Aussie, "Rugby".  He came to us from STAAR Aussie Rescue Group.  Rugby made me
fall in love with this wonderful breed and their zest for life.  In my opinion, no other breed
compares to the Aussie.  They are beautiful, active, extremely intelligent, quick learners,
versatile, loyal, and fun!  They want to work and learn because they enjoy being with you.

Here at Airborne Aussies, I am striving to produce beautiful, talented, sound Australian
Shepherds that are bred to ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) standards.  All
Show/Breed/Performance Aussies are registered with AKC & ASCA, some even with CKC.  I
wholeheartedly believe in the importance of preserving the working/performance abilities of
the Australian Shepherd and their innate desire to please.  I do not have a litter very often and
more often co-breed with others.   When I do have a litter of my own, a great deal of thought,
research and time goes into planning that litter.  

It is my goal to produce structurally sound, moderate Aussies that are able to excel in any
venue.  This includes anything from being a superb disc/agility/tracking/herding/obedience
dog to excelling in the show ring and being an amazing companion for any family.   
Temperament and health are extremely important to me.  Nothing is
bred without solid temperaments and all appropriate health clearances.  

Most of what I do involves training and competing with my Aussies.  I have been training and
working with dogs for more than 20 years. While my main focus is on herding and agility, I
participate in Conformation, Dock diving, Rally and Obedience. There is no end to what our
breed can do and I always find it fun trying all the venues.  Of course, all of my dogs have
accelerated at being extreme couch cuddlers too!  

I currently have four Aussies of my own that I am actively training and competing with.  They
are Rhythm, Cora, Parfait and Catcher.  All of my Aussies are handled, trained and loved my
myself.  I would never have it any other way!

Feel free to browse the site and email or call with any questions.  Thanks for visiting!
Raechelle Embrey (301) 606-5244,
Airborne Aussies
Raechelle Embrey~ Fairfield, PA~ (301) 606-5244