Airborne Aussies
Raechelle Embrey~ Fairfield, PA~ (301) 606-5244

SVCH WTCH HTCH ASCA CH Sazbrat Howlyn Hit On All Sixes  JS-E-SP, GS-E, RS-E,

"Parfait" Stats:
DOB 04/25/2010
OFA Good/Elbows Normal
MDR1 Mutant/Normal
CERF Clear Oct 2014
HSF4 Clear by Parentage
Height: 19.25"  Weight; 42lbs
Scissors bite, missing one upper pre molar
Bred by Sazbrat and Howlyn Aussies

"Parfait" is just oh so cute and oh so sweet!   She is enthusiastic about everything we do together.  Parfait has become a
nice, steady trial dog in both herding and agilty.    She has really helped me to become a much better handler and has
accomplished a lot at such a young age.  She is very smart, fun and upbeat.  Always up and ready for the next venture.
In Agility, Parfait is fast, bidable and very accurate.  She is very consistent.  In herding, Parfait has a nice circle, works off
her stock when needed, but has enough power to get them moving when she has to.  She will hit heads on cattle and has
no problem gaining respect while being honest with them.  She rates well and has a really nice outrun.  I am really excited
to see what the future holds for us as a team.  

Some of Parfait's Accomplishments include:
~#1 Merit Advanced Sheep 2013-2014 in one weekend of trialing.
~Multiple High In Trial Wins in agility.
~Multiple BOB wins in ASCA Conformation.
~ Multiple HIT's from Started, Open and Advanced Cattle and Sheep
~ Premier Winning Bitch at the Great Lakes ASCA Nationals Pre Show under Nicki Hengy

Many thanks and tons of appreciation goes out to Mike and Kelly English for sending "Parfait" my way!
Parfait and I after she finished her WTCH.